Top 5 Business Tips for Newbies Entrepreneurs

business tips for newbie entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur just starting out? How has been the experience so far? Challenging right? I understand!

At the beginning, there will never seem to be an end to the many marketing, financial, staffing and customer issues you will be encountering. In this post, I want to share with you top 5 business tips that can help you achieve success in your business as a new entrepreneur.

These tips are tips that was drawn from the study of most of the successful entrepreneurs in the world. The tips are sure to assist you as you journey through this path of entrepreneurship.

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  1. Focus

This is one powerful advise you should abide to as a newbie entrepreneur. Many first-time entrepreneurs always get the urge to jump into every good opportunity that comes their way. I know it is very easy to be side-tracked as there are so many ideas and new ventures out there that you would be tempted to give a try.

But no, focus on one task at a time. You can always make notes for ideas and projects you’d like to take up in the future, but remain focus with your present business.

Look at the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, he did not buy another company until Facebook started generating millions in revenue. That is what you should employ into your business or else you will end up not achieving anything.

  1. Think Innovation

Innovation is key to business survival. Updating or introducing new products or service, keeping things fresh and enticing, will help you grow your business and client base.

Think of what you can introduce into your business that can make it stand out among your competitors. That is how most business rise up and dominate their market. Your products or service has to be differentiated in some meaningful and important way from your competitor’s offerings.

If you operate your business the same way your competitors operate, it will be difficult to convince customers to try your products or services. What did you think made Facebook king among other social media networks?


Facebook has so many features that can’t be found among other social media networks and this gave them the competitive edge over other social media networks.

  1. You Must Build a Team

There is an old saying that no man is an island. That is very true with your new business. you can’t start and run your business effectively all by yourself. When you are starting out, make it a point to start surrounding yourself with bright people who can assist you in your business.

When you are building your team, don’t be afraid to recruit people smarter than you in different areas. We can’t be excellent at everything, so surround yourself with people who are great at what they do.

Remember, as a business owner, your job is to make sure things get done in accordance to the best possible plans no matter who comes up with the ideas. You will be responsible for the final decisions, so gather all the ideas from your brightest and smartest people then decide to execute on the strategy that has the highest probability of long term success.

  1. Never Ignore your Health

I know, when starting out as a first-time entrepreneur, the energy to succeed is very high. You will be so busy making calls to clients, reading business materials so as to stay ahead of the trends, taking care of the finance, trying to hire staff for the business and so much more that you forget sometimes to eat, take a nap and rest.

To succeed in business, staying healthy and having energy should be your priority. You don’t want to build a business that you won’t live to enjoy the fruit of your labour, do you?

Working to the point of exhaustion will burn you out and make you less productive. Don’t make the excuses. Eat right, exercise, drink a lot of water and find time for yourself. You must know when to rest and when to work.

  1. Build your Network

Networking is very crucial in business whether online or in person. Every contact is either a potential customer, or may be someone who has advice for you. Networking can land you a new investor, a great employee, a new customer or a new mentor.

Attend networking events and network with people. LinkedIn is one powerful online tool you can use to build a network. You will be very surprised by the amount of successful business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to impact valuable advice and tips and can point you in the right direction for all sorts of services.

In conclusion, even with all the stress involves with being an entrepreneur, it is one of the most rewarding, uplifting and life-changing experience you can ever have. So, good luck!


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Written by Victor Omorogbe

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