How to Make Smart Income As a Mobile App Developer


The world of ecommerce has come up with a chunk of opportunities for mobile app developers. Do you want to find out how you can make smart income as a mobile app developer? Do you know that there are young guys and ladies out there making money developing mobile apps for Android and iOS devices?

If you have been looking for a legit way to earn money online, venturing into mobile app development would be a very nice idea if you have passion for computers and coding. Mobile developers are known to earn money using their skills and we will be looking at just three ways they do it and how you too can do likewise or innovate the system.

What Skills Do One Need to Become a Mobile App Developer

There are necessary skills needed to become a mobile app developer and they include;

  • Swift and Java for Android
  • C++ for Apple’s iOS.
  • Design skills
  • Time management
  • You must be very creative
  • Analytical skills
  • Other programming languages

So, if you are looking into learning how to develop mobile apps and become a developer, this article might interest you.

So, here are 3 ways you can make smart income as a mobile app developer irrespective of the device you are creating the apps for.

  1. Create and Sell

This is an obvious way most mobile app developers make money. If a smart developer can look at the trend and develop a useful app to compliment the present or future trend, he or she is guaranteed to make a killing at the app market and earn a lot of money.

There are thousands of potential buyers or investors out there that are looking for good smart-phone apps to buy and if you can create one and position it where it can be found, you are certain to get people bidding for your app.

The key is to conduct a market research and find out the kind of apps people are downloading so much you can create something of that nature and add some features that are not found on those apps so yours can stand out unique.

Your research should include checking the apps they are popular and on which platform so you know what to do. The nature of the industry is also such that word about truly good apps spreads virally, meaning that marketing is not usually a very huge challenge for the developers of the truly good apps.

  1. Developing Free Apps

Another way you can make smart income as a mobile app developer is by developing free apps. I know you are shock at how can someone make money giving out his or her app for free. Haven’t you asked yourself even before reading this post?

Well, when mobile app developers create free apps, they make money from two sources, namely advertising programs like Google Adsense or affiliate links which are inserted into the apps content, and locking of certain features which would appeal to users to purchase the full version to access the locked features.

You must have come across some apps that won’t allow you to access some features until you pay for it or some apps that display ads at the bottom of your apps when you open them or some ads that do pop up when you are using an app.

Many app developers have found this practice to be truly lucrative, making them rake in lots of money. And the nature of this model is such that the apps don’t have to be particularly good (because, in any event, they are given out for free).

Monetization of apps created by mobile app developers are quite easy and profitable since there are so many advertising programs out there that can be used.

  1. Employment

The third way you can make money as a mobile app developer is to get employed in an app development company. If you noticed, jobs that involve skills in development of mobile apps are very much in demand.

Everywhere you turn to, you will find a business in need of specific apps for various reasons. The well-established app developers are always keen on hiring upcoming mobile app developers to help them with their projects.

In conclusion, making smart income as a mobile developer can be very easy with a good business model in place. You can use any of the above ways to make money as a mobile app developer.

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Written by Victor Omorogbe

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