The iPhone X Review

specs and price of iPhone x | Full Review

iphone x review

When it comes to the IPhone X we have so much to talk about. The iPhone X have great blend of Hansel comfort and a big gorgeous OLED screen. It has a rear telephoto camera which outshoots the iPhone 8 plus in a low light. iPhone X camera features a 12mp wide angle lens with an f/24 aperture. It has the optical image stabilization. When comparing the iPhone X camera to the IPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus we can see that there is a major difference between the two. In the aspect of low light when using the iPhone X, it came out with sharp image and lens.

iphone x review

When it comes to the display on the iPhone X we can see that it has a stunning display. During the launch of the iPhone X so many apps dis not support it, but as time goes on they will. The screen which has a 5.8 inch screen and a 2,436*1,125 pixel resolution and it’s razor sharp. Colors are vibrant, black are finally as pitch as dark as many others OLED Android phones as you can use it to read directly in sunlight, which we know many phones cannot do. There is a difference when you take a look at the power button in the iPhoneX or let me simply refer it to the lock button. This button is located on the right edge which is more elongated than before. Now let’s get to this. Why is it called the Lock button on the iPhone X is because tapping on that button is expected to turn your iPhone X off but to turn off your 📱 you will need to press the lock button answer the volume up or down button. Tapping on the button alone which functions as the lock button just wakes or turns off your screen but when you double tap on it, it activate Apple play or you can as well press and hold it to launch SIRI.

Now, when it comes to the headphones Jack, there is none, the iPhoneX only has port for the lightening cable at the bottom edge which is between the bottom firing speakers. If you want to listen to music you will have to pair wingless earbuds with the Bluetooth 5 technology. The iPhoneX is larger than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, comfortable in hand. Talking about the speed and the IOS. The same All Bionic processor from the iPhone 8 and 8 plus that is what is powering the iPhone X shocked right, I know you might be expecting something different. Although no flaws has been encountered with the phone. Moving on let’s take a look at this.

Antutu 206,010

Geek bench 4 CPU 4,231

Single Core 9,877 Multi core.

In the case of the Antutu the score is less than that of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus but although it is much higher than many other Android smartphones. iPhone X now has a new way to navigate with iOS. If you have been following up well you can see that the home button is no more as what replaces it is Gestures. You can easily access the control center by sliding down from the top right shoulder and pull down the notification center from the center notch area. In the case of when you are using an app you will be able to see an elongated bar at the bottom which you can just swipes up to go back to the home screen.

We have been able to give you little review about the iPhone X lots if adjustment and changes here been made to make the iPhone X better a better interface, a large screen, better camera. We do hopefully you like it stay glued for more updates.

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