Make Extra income with Glo Affiliate Program

earn extra income with glo affiliate program

Need to make money online, right? Have you tried glo affiliate program before?

My guess is, you are not aware of such program before, or perhaps you don’t know what Glo affiliate program means let alone making money with it. And if I am right, then this tutorial is surely for you.

You see, when it comes to making money online or offline, there are several means and business opportunities on the internet and in the offline world, of which Glo affiliate program is one of such means. And right now, I am going to teach you the right way to go about this business and start making money almost immediately with this business concept from Glo Nigeria.

Just follow me carefully as I take the lead…

But first, what does affiliate program or affiliate marketing means? I know you might probably be wondering what the term “affiliate program or marketing” means, right? Well, let me give answer to your queries one after the other. I need you to take note of these terms: “Affiliate” “Affiliate Program” “Affiliate Marketing”


First, an affiliate in this contest is a person. So let us rephrase: WHO IS AN AFFILIATE?

Good question. Now from Google’s dictionary, an affiliate is “a person or organization officially attached to a larger body”. In a more simple words, an affiliate is the channel between a business owner and the consumer. That is he is the middle man between the seller (the product owner) and the buyer (consumers). An affiliate typically promotes offers or products of an establishment or for an individual, who is now rewarded some commissions for his works.

Affiliate Program or Affiliate Marketing, what is the difference?

Well, let me not keep you on this post. I understand your time is very precious, so let me quickly wrap it all in one line with the precise answer.

In my own word, Affiliate program is a platform for affiliate marketing. Whereas, affiliate marketing involves an affiliate, selling or marketing a product of an advertiser or a company for a reward or commissions.

This is better illustrated by my friend Prosper Noah in his article like this:

  • You (an affiliate) finds a product that is already created, not just a product, but a product people are looking to buy.
  • You promote the products to these people by referring or sending them to the offer page and make conversions.
  • When there is conversion or they buy through you, you get paid the established commission the advertiser offered.

It’s simple right?

So you see, you can make money very easy by just referring visitors to what they want to buy. And glo affiliate program is one of such sure way to make money online in Nigeria.

So how do I make money with the glo affiliate program?

I hear you ask that question. This is it.

Glo introduces: Glo mobile Money. You make money with this kind of platform by becoming a glo mobile agent. I’m sure you may have heard of the word “mobile money” well, if you have not, or you don’t know what it is all about, let me tell you about it.

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Glo Mobile Money, What is it about?

how to make money with glo affiliate program

Glo Mobile money is a service purposely for cash exchange; as in cash in and cash out, sim registrations, payments of bills, airtime vending and lots of others that entails mobile money. This could also be a place for glo customers to make inquiries and assistance on anything, e.g, inquiries about glo mobile money, sim registrations and all that. This service is operated by a mobile agents, this is where you come in as an affiliate.

Anyone can become a Glo mobile agent as long as you have the requirement which I will be dropping shortly. No school qualifications involved. All you need is a shop which should have been accredited or registered. Mind you, you are doing this business offline, so you need a shop to be able to be a glo affiliate or mobile agent.

And as a mobile money agent, you are open to a whole lots of benefits to your other business you do in your shop. Like increase in customer traffic to your shop, your shop will be a recognize brand as a mobile agent to Glo Nigeria, you stand to make extra cash with your mobile service, business and marketing support, excellent commissions, low cost of setup and much more benefits.

Requirements for the Glo Affiliate Program in Nigeria

What you simply need to get started is a phone and a sim card. Glo sim precisely.

How to Register and Make Extra Income with Glo Affiliate Program in Nigeria

To become a Glo affiliate and bank up to 50,000 per month, is simple.

Visit the glo mobile money official signup page here and enter your information correctly.

How to Register and Make Extra Income with Glo Affiliate Program in Nigeria


Information like:

  • Your Name; Surname and First name
  • Phone Number (your glo number)
  • Local Government Area
  • State

Click submit when you are done and wait for some couple of hours for Glo to respond to your application.

Note: let the information you entered be the one of your current location, like in the case of the Local Government and state. Make sure you enter the current local government and the state you reside.

That is all about the Glo affiliate program. I hope you have been able to learn another source to make extra income to your wallet or account.

You may as well share this post and drop your comments or questions.

Thank you.

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