6 Effective Time Management and Best Practices for Entrepreneurs

How to manage your time

Effective Time Management and Best Practices for Entrepreneurs

Time they say, waits for no man. Effective time management and best practices comes with purpose and focus. Allow me to express my own definition of time regarding this topic.

In my terms, Time is purpose. I bet you have heard many definition about “time”, well the fact still center on purpose for every tick of the time that passes bye. As an entrepreneur, you will quite agree with me that time is gold and very expensive for you to lose out. Of course you have heard the popular saying that time is money, right?

Yes, it’s the fact, and as such, every moment of your time should be spent wisely. Keep in mind that time has purpose and you need to be focus towards your purpose or goals.

Every successful entrepreneurs takes priority in their time management. Even God was time conscious and was focus not to exceed one week in His creation; which was actually 6 days of creation and He rested the 7th day, from our Biblical story.

I’m not here to bore you with lots of story or to tell you what you already know about time. No! I’m here to make you understand that effective time management system and the right approach to it is the first and the most important foundation to a successful man or woman.

From my past experience, and from what I percept from others as well, I am motivated to put up this article on effective time management and best practices towards achievements. Now, in order to be successful with your time, here are 6 tips I have been using to effectively manage my time. These are tips that are drawn from experts and from real life situations. They should guide you in your business, career, and what have you. So let’s go>>

Top 6 Effective Time Management and Best Practices for Entrepreneurs

  • Know Your Task and Goals

This is where most individuals get it wrong. They just find themselves wasting their time. They are not so precise of what they find themselves doing. See, the very first step for effective time management and one best practices for any individual or entrepreneurs is to first identify their task or goals. First, you have to know or identify what you are in for.

Knowing your task and goals answer the question of what do I really want to achieve? You see, knowing your task and goals gives you an insight and a direction to follow. Have you asked yourself what you are really doing, or do I know what I’m really in for? Now, make a lists of your tasks and goals or a to-do list in a notepad and follow the next steps.

  • Prioritize Your Task Prudently

Have you made those lists? Now, give priority to your tasks in your to-do lists. In Economics, we have what they call ‘scale of preference’. Which means, your task should be arranged according to the order of their importance. Now this second point will give answer to your plan and to which of this task is more important in a descending order.

This is what I mean: Now I have my to-do list written down, I will now analyze the list carefully and ask myself series of questions like; what do I want to achieve first on the list? Which of this is very important and necessary? What are the steps to achieving this goals, How much is involve to achieving them, what time do I need to achieve this very first one I’m picking out from the list? What is the importance of achieving this very goal now? Etc.

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You see, I now have my answer and directions from there. Now I will re-organize the list by rewriting and give priority according to their level of importance and necessities. In summary, there are some things that are important but not necessary, while there are some that are necessary but not important, and also there are some that are of utmost importance and necessary depending on time, so give priority to the most importance based on your preference.

In other words, don’t just conclude or too excited into achieving all your goals at once, no matter how sweet the deal is, or picking them randomly, without a conscious plan, you will miscarriage like that pregnant woman…LOL. There should be an order to which things you should give attention to the most.

  • Be Focus and Eliminate Distractions

Another effective time management and best practices for entrepreneurs is discipline to be focus and eliminate distractions.Time is very expensive that needs your care of being focused. In any way, after knowing your task, and given priority to the most important tasks, what you need now is to be focus. You didn’t just have those list for nothing. You have to be focus on that goal and eliminate distractions. This gives rise to results.

There may be many ideas running through your mind and other distractions coming through your way. Yes, it’s normal to pass through this. In my case, whenever I try to be focused for a particular goal or purpose, there comes another idea that seems related, sometimes, not even related to my goal and not important, so what I do is if the idea is great and could be useful in helping me achieve my goals smartly, then I add it to my list and prioritize it, and make it happen, if not, I discard or write it down somewhere I feel it should be.

So in any case, your distractions could be new ideas or great tips that do not relate to that your goal you are striving to achieve at that time. This should be eliminated for a better achievement.

  • Achieve your Goals and your Purpose

Obviously you win, right? Congratulations. If you were focused and you beat every distractions, my guess is, you already won, if not, look out for what you are missing and continue from there, or seek for other options and move on to achieving it.

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  • Take the Next on Your List And Plan Ahead

Never be idle. Be goal oriented. Make every bit of your time counts. Take the next on your list and plan ahead. If you must achieve that goal to be a successful man or a successful entrepreneur, then this is one great tips for effective time management and best practices. You must always want to make sure you are prepared and there is something next to do, else, you just start again planning for nothing and wasting that precious time. If you catch my drift, you will always want to take the next on your list and plan ahead.

  • Stay Healthy

Please don’t die. LOL. Put into consideration your health status. Don’t over labor yourself to that breaking point. You must know your limits of work. Relax and stay refreshed.


  • Conclusion

So for effective time management and best practices for entrepreneurs or for any individuals, you will need to discipline yourself in order for you to know your task or goals, prioritize your task wisely, remain focus to achieving success and of course maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Doing this will guarantee you a successful entrepreneur or individual. Don’t forget, it takes discipline to win this.

There are many tips to make you a successful time manager, but this is just a summary and most important for any individual to manage their time wisely. Take it to the Bank!

I hope this was helpful?

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