6 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business in 2018


Are you thinking of starting your own online business in 2018? This is the post that can help you kick start that journey. Seriously, this is the post!


The best time you should have started your own online business was 5 years ago. The next best time is now.

Making money online has now been made so easy as there are no real secrets about how to go about it anymore unlike before. All you just need to do is a little bit of research and planning.

There are proven steps you must follow to guarantee your success in starting your own online business and that is what I am about sharing with you in this post. I have seen thousands of people start their own online business and become financially free by following these proven steps.

Here are the 5 steps to starting your own online business this year 2018 and become a boss of your own.

  1. Decide on Your Market

This is the first step you must take to starting your own online business. Irrespective of the online business you want to venture into, you must first decide on the market you will be selling your products or service to.

Most people make the mistake of jumping into any online business that they don’t even know their ideal customers. To boost your chance of success, you must decide on your target market i.e. the market you want to serve.

It is very important that you are clear on what you want to sell and who you will be selling to. The trick is to find a group of people with a problem that you want to solve or have the solution to and position yourself as their helper.

It is the first step that you must take before moving to step 2.

  1. Pick a Solid Business Model

There are two kind of business model you can focus on when running an online business. You can choose to sell other people’s products or services (Affiliate marketing) or sell your products or services.

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With selling other people’s products or services, you get paid a commission when you make a sale. It is usually a small percentage of the sale. But, the more you sell, the more commission you get.

On the other hand, selling your own products or services gives you access to the full profit. It all depends on which route you want to take. They are a lot of people making millions with affiliate marketing as well as others who are also making millions selling their own products or services on the internet.

Take your time and do a research on both business model and choose the one that suit you.

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  1. Register a Domain and Build Your Website

You need a website to effectively run your own online business. The first thing you need to do is choose a domain name which should look like and register it with a trusted web hosting company.

Don’t panic! You don’t need to be a website designer to do this. You can hire any website professional to help you with this process if you are a complete novice.

  1. Publish Informative Contents

After creating your site, you will need to publish informative contents that can help convert your visitors into buyers. As an online entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to be able to create contents that is fun and informative.

Talk about the problems your market is experiencing and how to solve them in easy steps. Through your content, you will focus on how your products or services can uniquely solve your target market problems and make their lives better.

  1. Drive People to Your Website

What is the use of having a website with contents when nobody is reading them? You will need to attract people to your site so they can know about your products or services.

There are two strategies you can employ to drive traffic to your website—free or organic traffic strategies or paid traffic strategies. For you to be able to drive people to your site using free or organic traffic, your site must be search engine friendly. You must be familiar with numerous SEO (search engine optimization) tactics like keywords and link building.

Paid traffic is easier depending on your budget. You can also outsource it to the gurus who can run an effective campaign using several digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your site.

If you are good on how to use social media platforms, you can use it to build a huge list of followers and direct them to your site to be converted to customers or clients.

  1. Create a List

It is very unlikely for your visitors to be converted into customers on their first visit. Some may but a large portion won’t. they will have to look around and then leave. But, if you can get your visitors to leave their email address with you, you can continuously keep them inform about your business and encourage them to visit your site again.

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The only effective way to collect email address of your visitors is to provide them something of value for free in exchange for their email address. This can be an eBook related to your business. it must be something that they will find useful and want to have.

So, these are the practical steps to starting your own online business in 2018 and join the league of online entrepreneurs. Good luck!

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